Education Edge

Marvin Flatt, Grant Administrator

Kerri Maddox, Education Coordinator

To succeed in today's changing world,
everyone needs an edge --- an education edge.

The Education Edge Program for the Weakley County Schools is designed to give every student the edge he or she needs to succeed in school and in life. And if every student succeeds, then parents, educators, employers, and community leaders throughout Tennessee will also succeed.

To be prepared for adulthood, every K-12 student needs to graduate with two essential assets:

1. A world-class academic education in subjects such as math, science, social studies, and English.
2. Comprehensive career-development opportunities that give graduates the information and experience they need to make smart career choices.

The goal of Education Edge is to make sure that every young person gets both.

Weakley County Education Edge Partnership Key Activities

> Business Edge for Teachers
> Career Fair for 7th, 9th and 11th grade students
> Job Shadowing for 8th, 10th and 12th grade students
> Employers in Education
> Partnership Meetings
> Sustainability Meetings
> Business/Education Classroom Projects
> Company Internships for Teachers

Raising the Academic Bar

Under Education Edge, Tennessee is pursuing four key strategies for improving what students know and what they can do.

> Get the entire community involved in education.
> Make school more rigorous and relevant.
> Set high standards and ensure they are met.
> Improve Tennessee's education system for all students.

Learning a Living

Traditional academics are integrated with career-development activities at all levels of schooling and throughout an individual’s working life.

> In kindergarten through 5th grade, career-awareness activities such as career days and workplace field trips will open a child’s mind to what he or she can be when he or she grows up.

> In grades 6 through 8, career-exploration activities will give a student the chance to research careers, establish relationships with mentors, and make an informed choice about whether to pursue a university, technical, or combined path in high school.

> In high school, career focus activities will allow a student to concentrate some of his or her core academic and elective classes within one of seven career clusters: Arts/Communications, Business/Marketing, Health Care, Hospitality/Tourism, Human Services, Manufacturing/Construction/Transportation, and Sciences/Technology. Educators and employers will help students get a taste of the real world by arranging workplace-based learning experiences like job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships.

> After high school graduation, career preparation is likely to continue at a university, a community college, a technical school, or on the job.

> And an individual’s career advancement depends on an ability to keep learning throughout a lifetime and on taking advantage of additional educational opportunities in adulthood.

Whether you’re a student, a parent, an educator, an employer, or a community leader, an excellent education system in Tennessee is key to your success.

If you are a student . . .
Education is the edge you need to go to college or get a good job, build a successful career, and reach your personal goals.

If you are a parent . . .
Education is the edge your child needs to earn a good living, achieve independence, and fulfill his or her potential.

If you are an educator . . .
Education is the edge you've devoted your working life to giving your students - their success is your success.

If you are an employer . . .
Education is the edge you need your employees to bring to your business, so that they can contribute to your organization’s success.

If you are an elected official or a community leader . . .
Education is the edge that enriches your hometown's quality of life and forms the foundation of a strong local economy.

In short, education is the edge every Tennessean needs to succeed.

For more information about Education Edge in Tennessee, visit our state website.