Central Office
School Nutrition Director Trista Snider 364-3347
Bookkeeper Brenda Scott 364-3347


Cafeteria Managers

The cafeteria managers at all schools have certification from the National School Nutrition Association. They have completed specialized training in “Serving It Safe,” ensuring that safety, sanitation, and HACCP procedures are followed.

Managers have also completed “Healthy Edge,” a nutrition education course.

Dresden K-8 Janna Scott 364-3055
Dresden High Paula Laws 364-2827
Gleason Kelli Anderson 648-9394
Greenfield Tracy Atnipp 235-2588
Martin Elementary Lindsey Joyner 587-6447
Martin Primary Tammy Craddock 587-3938
Martin Middle Patty Davis 587-9711
Sharon Lisa Williams 456-2414
Westview Cathie Spain 587-3613

“ This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”